Why am I an author? You’re asking.

Well, I made my millions through various successful business ventures and I felt it was time to hang up my boots. I love travelling, and with  homes scattered throughout the Caribbean, the United States and Europe, I had plenty of time to visit my beautiful houses and the girlfriends I have in every port (nudge, nudge, wink wink).

But the novelty soon wore off – If only I liked golf.

Anyhoo, I always wanted to write a book and thought why not. I’ve got the gift of the gab. I’m half Irish, half Scottish and half Spanish, so I can spin a good yarn – it just came natural to me.

It’s nice to have some interest other than my amazing houses, my champagne lifestyle and the beautiful women that constantly surround me.

Keeps my feet on the ground – that reminds me I’ll have to remember and get that dodgy engine fixed on my plane, almost cut out the last time I flew it to Florida.

If you want to shoot the breeze or ask me any questions about my novel e-mail me at;



Max Black