Hi Guys,

Got there in the end – thank f**k. SEAL is now available from Amazon (kindle/tablet version).

The paperback version has still to be released. I’ve still to do a once over and proof read it – when I can be bothered tearing myself away from this little beachfront condo I just bought in Florida.

I might string a hammock up and get on to it – better make sure I’m not pissed as a fart otherwise it my be a f*****g disaster. Only joking! I can be the consummate professional I’ll have you know.

I’m sure SEAL won’t disappoint and if it does then too f*****g bad! I like it and that’s all that really matters.

So get off your lazy asses and do yourselves a favor and buy the kindle version now. You won’t regret it. What am I saying, you can sit on your lazy asses and still buy it. Even better, join kindle unlimited and get it for FREE. Now that is the bargain of the century.

Need to go now – rum cocktail and lobster for lunch plus Felicity has promised me an ALL OVER body massage. I just hope there’s going to be a happy ending ?:0)



Max Black



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